I spoke to a REAL Video Game NPC

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Codemiko is fake she's a government spy
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Outro Music: Super Mario World Game Over LoFi Hip Hop Remix by HephestosMusic

I spoke to a...Video Game NPC? - CodeMiko Interview with CallMeCarson


  1. Andrew Carlson
    Andrew Carlson
    2 päeva tagasi

    I'm literally dying 🤣

  2. Joey Madrigal 94
    Joey Madrigal 94
    3 päeva tagasi

    Who was she is like, I can’t tell was her real name is 🤔 Like l’m not sure telling you all the truth…

  3. Weep Sleep
    Weep Sleep
    3 päeva tagasi

    She yellin yellin in the beginning

  4. angry gordon ramsay
    angry gordon ramsay
    6 päeva tagasi

    The dumb idiot that hate Carson are going to think this is Assault on the mpc girl but the true chads know that Carson is scared of this girl and she is scaring him

  5. sp3ctr
    7 päeva tagasi


  6. RiskIsBALLIN’
    10 päeva tagasi


  7. TheHeretic
    11 päeva tagasi

    She's rather... animated.

  8. P3pp0z
    12 päeva tagasi

    out of the guys from lunch club Carson has the best outro song

  9. uhhhscizo
    14 päeva tagasi

    She looks and sounds stoned out of her fucking mind holy shit

  10. Bobby Child
    Bobby Child
    14 päeva tagasi

    I'm so glad that Richard is uploading again.

  11. kadentheTDM's
    15 päeva tagasi


  12. Hunter Nease
    Hunter Nease
    15 päeva tagasi

    Hey Carson. I love you

  13. Alberto Sassano
    Alberto Sassano
    15 päeva tagasi

    This was so good it scares me

  14. bedhead
    17 päeva tagasi


  15. Steven R. Rodriguez
    Steven R. Rodriguez
    17 päeva tagasi

    Is that intro a PvZ remix? My man!

  16. shea
    17 päeva tagasi

    i love her chaotic energy

  17. BulbDock
    17 päeva tagasi

    18:53 “well that was just a trick question” 😭😭😂😂

  18. Alexander van Zanten
    Alexander van Zanten
    18 päeva tagasi

    Why the fuck is she screaming the whole video my ears my ears my aers

  19. oscar thorpe
    oscar thorpe
    18 päeva tagasi

    idk why but to me she sounds exactly like elizabeth olsen

  20. John Doe
    John Doe
    20 päeva tagasi

    Sept 27, 2021- Breaking news Famous TicToker CallMe Carson found dead, next to a punched out horse-sized chicken and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles in the mountains. The body analysis team found that he died around sunset of last night. But… his breath was immaculate!

  21. Mr Lemon
    Mr Lemon
    21 päev tagasi

    funny man is back... im happy :)

  22. M551 Sheridan
    M551 Sheridan
    21 päev tagasi

    Women are loud

  23. Tastier jungle 46
    Tastier jungle 46
    21 päev tagasi

    Dutlniv tioogattlyg

  24. despacito
    21 päev tagasi

    Keep up the content my man you rock!

  25. Nica Vlad
    Nica Vlad
    22 päeva tagasi

    this was... intense

  26. The Manager
    The Manager
    22 päeva tagasi

    Welcome back Obama

  27. Cortnie Smith
    Cortnie Smith
    22 päeva tagasi

    Carson might be time to accept your hairlines gone buddy time to go short

  28. Marshall lee 63
    Marshall lee 63
    22 päeva tagasi

    My man respecting women by covering his eyes 21:21

  29. River Rice
    River Rice
    22 päeva tagasi


  30. DooMbucket420
    23 päeva tagasi

    Welcome home shroud

  31. Ryyi23
    23 päeva tagasi

    BurntNuggie43 is also my best friend.

  32. Edward Krawiec
    Edward Krawiec
    23 päeva tagasi

    You’ve never seen a warrior nun before? Adepta Sororitas has entered the chat

  33. monke
    23 päeva tagasi

    so this was before carson started balding

  34. Blocko Studios
    Blocko Studios
    23 päeva tagasi

    At certain moments it looks like she’s about to kill me

  35. OminousEcho
    23 päeva tagasi

    This is one of the funniest videos I've watched in a long while

  36. Suascyan
    23 päeva tagasi

    bro that loonboon remix went hard

  37. Joseph Rutman
    Joseph Rutman
    23 päeva tagasi

    BurntNuggie43 must've felt so lucky lmao

  38. Yello
    23 päeva tagasi

    Idk the exact moment but burntnuggy43 is displayed at 7:38

  39. DOTS
    23 päeva tagasi

    Wood fired pizza?

    1. Mona
      14 päeva tagasi

      How's pizza gonna get a job now?

  40. Bennie, the COLLECTOR.
    Bennie, the COLLECTOR.
    23 päeva tagasi

    Welcome back.

  41. Nathan Cobb
    Nathan Cobb
    24 päeva tagasi


  42. Subwoofer MC, RBLX, VR, and whatever I damn please
    Subwoofer MC, RBLX, VR, and whatever I damn please
    24 päeva tagasi

    21:38 "Why do you have a nun outfit?" nun-ya buisness

  43. Bailey Silcox
    Bailey Silcox
    24 päeva tagasi

    5:36 get nae naed

  44. Octavio López
    Octavio López
    24 päeva tagasi

    Carson comes back and immediatly gets yelled at by a Civilizations V character

  45. Carter Stevenson
    Carter Stevenson
    24 päeva tagasi

    “What are you capable of?” My man Carson has the fear of God in him.

  46. Carter Stevenson
    Carter Stevenson
    24 päeva tagasi

    Codemiko, the last person you should have faith in is Carson. (JK, I’m not a hater.)

  47. Marcus Echo
    Marcus Echo
    24 päeva tagasi

    Immediately gets friendzoned, then when calling her best friend, she says he rushes.

  48. Random Gaming
    Random Gaming
    24 päeva tagasi

    I'm happy your back charlie

  49. fudripe
    24 päeva tagasi

    missed watching your videos carly

  50. Gerardop
    24 päeva tagasi

    this feels like an eric andre interview

  51. Plasmor
    24 päeva tagasi

    She is so energetic and loud

  52. Flying Toad
    Flying Toad
    24 päeva tagasi

    Why does she act like a broken AI

  53. Cooper King
    Cooper King
    24 päeva tagasi

    Why is she so loud-

  54. Blake Livingston24
    Blake Livingston24
    24 päeva tagasi

    I like how Miko’s first reaction when she saw Carson was a scream and then she suddenly changed the context by saying that Carson looks like Ed Sheeran.

  55. けつ
    24 päeva tagasi

    I've only watched one other interview with her but she's genuinely funny.

  56. Bucket
    24 päeva tagasi


  57. Super
    24 päeva tagasi

    she talks like my 6 year old niece

  58. Nate Dates
    Nate Dates
    24 päeva tagasi

    This was probably my favorite interview I've seen with Miko

  59. Lovey Dove
    Lovey Dove
    24 päeva tagasi

    Carson is hawt

  60. OlafttheGreat1998
    25 päeva tagasi

    I don't go for the whole vtuber egirl thing but this person is just genuinely hilarious and the digital avatar just makes every insane moment even more hilarious.

  61. Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez
    25 päeva tagasi

    pick a best friend Carson: *the question confuses me*

  62. BraveArk
    25 päeva tagasi

    3:22 carson when he starts streaming again just without the dog.

  63. Flammable_pyr0
    25 päeva tagasi

    v tuber moment

  64. ImZhald
    25 päeva tagasi

    12:30 xD

  65. Bigcountry 5400
    Bigcountry 5400
    25 päeva tagasi

    I better die in the morning so I don’t gotta work my last day for no reason

  66. Post a-bonk-alyptic Weasel
    Post a-bonk-alyptic Weasel
    25 päeva tagasi

    Welcome back jeromason bonqueueue III

  67. Brian
    25 päeva tagasi

    I like Miko and I think she's great and funny. I just wish she would stop yelling!!!! She's ALWAYS yelling!!!! Like just talk normal!

  68. Hate immunity
    Hate immunity
    25 päeva tagasi

    So loud lol

  69. Lloyd Durward
    Lloyd Durward
    25 päeva tagasi

    Anyone know what that intro song was?

    1. Mona
      14 päeva tagasi

      PVZ theme

  70. Foamy Foam
    Foamy Foam
    25 päeva tagasi

    The world will be balanced by you uploading again thank you so much

  71. Heinz :)
    Heinz :)
    25 päeva tagasi

    I'm glad you start uploading again Jerma

  72. Illyrian Pirate
    Illyrian Pirate
    25 päeva tagasi

    Is this what e-sex is like?

  73. ii omqfaderz
    ii omqfaderz
    25 päeva tagasi


  74. Zeb
    25 päeva tagasi

    0:09 the surreal feeling you get when you see a remix you made featured on one of call me Carson's videos

  75. Daniel Eaton
    Daniel Eaton
    25 päeva tagasi

    This is really refreshing to see him thriving in this video.

  76. h1dden
    25 päeva tagasi

    YT compression had a stroke with those fireworks

  77. Crispy_Soup
    25 päeva tagasi

    she's so loud

  78. TTR
    25 päeva tagasi

    oh no

  79. Andrew Martel
    Andrew Martel
    25 päeva tagasi

    I’m glad to see the king is back

  80. Philly Back Pack
    Philly Back Pack
    25 päeva tagasi

    Comes back and instantly gets a group up with code Miko

  81. Kateesh Nvui
    Kateesh Nvui
    25 päeva tagasi

    Man i've not seen a Jerma video in so long

  82. Gmoney9
    25 päeva tagasi

    Her mouth opens so big 😱

  83. Gmoney9
    25 päeva tagasi

    She is so scary she doesn’t even look human 😨

    25 päeva tagasi

    loved how much fun they are having fun together

  85. Aidan Ricard
    Aidan Ricard
    25 päeva tagasi

    Commenting until Carson decides to shave his head and just be bald Carson.

  86. LeeScoming
    25 päeva tagasi

    Virtual pokimane

  87. Taco paper6477
    Taco paper6477
    25 päeva tagasi

    carson arguing with someone for an hour. welcome back carson this is the real you

  88. Redstonetrippy1
    25 päeva tagasi

    I saw the dovakine or however you spell it, miko = dovakeen confirmed

  89. Dr. Drakofly
    Dr. Drakofly
    25 päeva tagasi

    That program she uses is too good tho

  90. Danny_Boi
    25 päeva tagasi

    Gave me chuckles thank you

  91. Moe Lester
    Moe Lester
    25 päeva tagasi

    18:58 bruh

  92. Dude says Hi!
    Dude says Hi!
    25 päeva tagasi

    where can i play this game

  93. Asa Molnár
    Asa Molnár
    25 päeva tagasi

    what's the intro song

  94. Hodrick
    25 päeva tagasi

    I have a very big head :)

  95. Nirmiti
    25 päeva tagasi

    Lockdown Day 146: I Pretended an NPC Was my Friend.

  96. Chris.P.chicken
    25 päeva tagasi

    “ we need to be the closest most best friends “ uuuhhh about thattt…

  97. salt man
    salt man
    25 päeva tagasi

    holy shit I did not expect to laugh this hard.

  98. caleb peter
    caleb peter
    26 päeva tagasi

    wonder what carson would like like bulk af

  99. Slurm
    26 päeva tagasi

    im real glad your back carson, i missed laughing like this, idk what ide do without your jokes in my life

  100. Jiggle Meats
    Jiggle Meats
    26 päeva tagasi

    Carson has a sultry voice, wich is nice and pleasing to the ears...then theres the anime persons chocking bird squawks